Published on 10th August 2012


Cheltenham Borough Council has successfully ensured that a derelict and neglected property in Up Hatherley will be turned back into a family home.

The house in Rothermere Close had been empty for more than two years and was becoming an eyesore with windows rotting and paint coming off.

Residents were becoming increasingly concerned that the property would attract unwanted attention from thieves and vandals and asked the council to use their powers to do something about the deteriorating home and bring it back to life.

The council's newly formed built environment enforcement team stepped in and managed to trace the absent owner, and secured the property against unauthorised access.

The bank repossessed the property. It was put on the market and has been sold and is currently being renovated.

Mark Nelson, built environment enforcement manager for Cheltenham Borough Council, said: "In the light of the concerns from neighbours and the ongoing neglect by the owner to maintain the property in a reasonable condition, we decided to step in and use available powers to improve its condition. We’re delighted that action has been taken and the property will be brought back into use."

Cllr Peter Jefferies, cabinet member for housing and safety, added: “We try to get home owners to do up empty properties and bring them back into use voluntarily. In situations like this we can do the work ourselves and claim the money back and as a last resort enforce sale or compulsorily purchase the property.

“This is an excellent example of how we can help pursue complaints like these, and bring about positive action.”

The council has recovered all of its costs.

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