Published on 14th August 2012

three black kinballs in a sports hall

Wednesday 15 August, 1-3pm leisure@cheltenham

An energetic new sport is sweeping the nation and youngsters are being offered the chance to have a go. ‘Kin-Ball’ sessions will take place tomorrow (15 August) from 1pm at leisure@cheltenham, Tommy Taylor’s Lane.

Originating from Canada, Kin-Ball is a fantastic new sport to hit the UK and involves a large inflatable ‘omnikin’ ball. In teams, players score points by serving the ball so that it bounces. The other team must do their best to keep the ball in the air. Sessions cost just £5 and are suitable for children aged 8 to 14 years.

Tom Sparks, sports development officer said: ‘’Kin-Ball is an energetic and fun sport which encourages teamwork and communication. It’s only just making its way over to the UK so we are really pleased to have the chance to host some sessions. I hope that lots of young people will come along tomorrow and give it a go.’’

As part of the summer holidays programme, there are also some multi-sports places remaining. Costing just £5 for a whole morning, children aged 8 to 14 years will experience a large range of sports from dodgeball, kwik cricket, uni-hockey, badminton and more.  Sessions run every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the holidays from 9.30am until 12.30, at leisure@cheltenham.

To book a place and for further information about Kin-Ball or the multi-sport sessions, call the sports development team on 01242 774740 or email


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