This is the current council position on weed spraying - Cllr Chris Coleman member for clean and green said: “We currently use the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved chemical herbicides (which contains glyphosate) to treat weeds around trees, obstacles, fences, along walls and road signs to reduce the need for strimming and to improve the visual appearance of grass growth around fixtures. We also apply it to footpath surfaces and roadside channels.

“As part of an overall review next year the council will be seeking to reduce the use of glyphosate and other weed control chemicals and move toward alternative methods of controlling weeds.”

Weed spraying in Cheltenham will commence for the second stage this year, week commencing 19 August and will start in the town centre. Following on from completing the town centre they will move into the Leckhampton area of the town and then follow a route around Cheltenham in a clockwise direction. The route listed below is a guide and may differ slightly, as the team may avoid areas if refuse or recycling is taking part in that particular area on that day.

Leckhampton, 2. College, 3. Lansdown, 4. Park, 5. Warden Hill, 6. Up Hatherley, 7. Benhall and The Reddings, 8. St Marks, 9. Hesters Way, 10. Springbank, 11. St Peters, 12. Swindon Village, 13. St Pauls, 14. Pittville, 15. Prestbury, 16. Oakley, 17. All Saints, 18. Battledown, 19. Charlton Kings, 20. Charlton Park.

A map showing the Cheltenham borough ward boundaries

The process for spraying Cheltenham can take 3-4 weeks so weather permitting the works should be finished by the end of September.

Once the weeds are sprayed the follow up process to remove the wilting weeds is about a week later, this allows for the spray to take full effect in the roots. Removing earlier will stop the process and may result in potential regrowth. Please note this only happens in the town centre and the street cleaning team will target this, working alongside buildings and tree bases.

For the remainder of Cheltenham anywhere near a tree base, sign post base or generally where the weeds are more concentrated it will be strimmed by the landscapes team. All other weeds will wilt of their own accord and disappear.

The crews are mainly on Quad bikes which are monitored by a tracking device to see the routes they take and the speed they travel. The max speed they travel whilst spraying is around 8mph.

Please note that weather can affect the process as any large amounts of waterfall can affect the treatment being carried out, if weather does affect the day the crews will continue when the rain stops and is deemed the correct conditions.

Also in addition to the weed spraying, teams will be working hard around Cheltenham to cut back highways owned hedges, bushes and alleyways. This will take approximately a month to complete and begins week commencing 12 August 2019.

The remainder of hedges and bushes in areas like parks and open spaces will continue afterwards and run for approximately 3 months.

The works are later than normal this year due to an extended bird nesting season.

For more information about the weed spraying programme, please contact Martin Brown.