Our current position on weed spraying

Cllr Chris Coleman member for clean and green said: “In the past we have used the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved chemical herbicides (which contains glyphosate) to treat weeds around trees, obstacles, fences, along walls and road signs to reduce the need for strimming and to improve the visual appearance of grass growth around fixtures. We have also used it on footpath surfaces and roadside channels.

“As part of an overall review being carried out this year, the council will be seeking to reduce the use of glyphosate and other weed control chemicals and move toward alternative methods of controlling weeds and we will update this page shortly. As part of our commitment to the climate emergency, where possible we're allowing more areas to grow wild, providing habitat for wildlife. In many areas we have been seeding wildflowers which will attract bees and other pollinating insects.”