About the Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) acts as a single point of contact for organisers of events in the borough to notify the relevant regulatory bodies and obtain safety advice and information on a wide range of events related issues.

The Cheltenham SAG includes representatives from the emergency services (Police, Fire and Ambulance Service); Gloucestershire County Council (highways) and district council (building control, environmental health, legal, licensing and civil contingencies). Other organisation can be involved as necessary (such as the Coastguard and the county council's civil protection team). A summary of the roles of its members can be found in the SAG Terms of Reference.

Role of the SAG

The role of the SAG is to provide advice to individuals and organisations planning a public event from fun runs through to major public gatherings. 

This advice is in addition to any legal requirements and government guidance. The advice and recommendations given by SAG are advisory only and it is for the event organiser to take such steps that are necessary to ensure an event is undertaken safely. However individual SAG members have their own legislative powers that may relate to parts of the events such as noise and traffic.

Note: The SAG is not responsible for giving permission to use council land or granting licences for events. If any organisation or community group wishes to use any park or open space that is owned or managed by the council they should register the event using the online event submission form.

Notifying the SAG of your event

Event organisers must inform the SAG administration of their intention to hold an event at least three months before the event. Event notification and/or event documents can be sent to [email protected]. Event organisers should also notify South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) of their event by completing SWASFT’s event notification form.

Event management plans and other relevant documents to be submitted at least three weeks before the event and in all cases more than one week prior to the final SAG meeting where their event will be discussed. Depending on the nature of the event, event organisers might be invited to SAG on more than one occasion to ensure through scrutiny of event plans.

The ability of the SAG to consider, and advise on event plans, is likely to be compromised where the event notice periods are less than those given above. In these circumstances, the SAG chair, in consultation with core members, will consider whether the SAG could adequately fulfil its advisory role and write to the event organiser accordingly.