Brownfield site register

Local planning authorities are required to prepare and maintain a register of previously developed land that:

  • Has an area of at least 0.25 hectares or is capable of supporting at least five dwellings
  • Is suitable for residential development
  • Is available for residential development
  • Is achievable for residential development

Cheltenham Borough Council has followed a methodology whereby, if a site has planning permission and is under construction as of the previous April to the date of publication, the site has been removed from the register. If the site’s development stalls in the future, the remainder of the site will then be re-assessed to establish if the site could benefit from being reinstated to the register at the next available opportunity.

The brownfield register for Cheltenham borough can be viewed below, along with an accompanying interactive map. The register will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the information is kept up to date.

The register has been prepared in accordance with the open data standards as set out in the brownfield land registers data standard guidance.

In accord with the relevant requirements, the register has been published under the Open Government Licence, details of which can be viewed on our open data pages, along with all other datasets.