Apply to carry out works on a protected tree

You need to apply for consent if you intend to carry out work on a tree that is:

If you want to carry out works to trees covered by a tree preservation order or in a conservation area, you will need to submit your proposals using the application form further down the page. You will be asked to provide specific information regarding:

  • the reasons for the proposed tree work
  • identification of all the trees to which your submission relates on a site location plan or site sketch plan
  • exact details of the proposed work

Once all of the information has been provided to our satisfaction we will acknowledge receipt of your application/notification and advise when a decision should be made by.

If tree works have been approved under a planning permission, these works can proceed without the need for a formal application/notification. If you are unsure, please contact the tree section to clarify.  If you want to discharge conditions in relation to trees and a planning application please contact the planning enforcement team.

Please note the new tree preservation legislation that came into force on 6th April 2012 which affects all existing and new tree preservation order. 

Application forms

Alternatively you can apply online by following the links on the planning applications page.