Planning application forms

Important: You should read the guidance notes and the validation checklist (listed below) for your application before submitting.

Please Note: Although the application form states that three copies are required to be sent to us, we only need one copy. If additional copies, particularly for large schemes, are required we will request that copies be sent to us.

Householder application forms

Permitted development forms

Full planning application forms

For developments in which the full details of the proposal, drainage and access arrangements, siting and design are all included for consideration

Listed building consent

Change of use

Advertisement consent

Outline application forms

These are submitted to establish whether development is acceptable in principle. Detailed plans are not usually submitted at this stage, although we may ask for more details.

Other types of application

Permission in princple (PiP)

Use the Planning Portal permission in principle form to establish whether a site is suitable for a specified amount of housing-led development in principle. This is an alternative way of obtaining planning permission for housing-led development which separates the consideration of matters of principle (stage one) from the technical detail (stage two).

Further information regarding the permission in principle application process on the GOV.UK website.

Works to trees

The council must be notified in advance of any proposed work to be carried out on or around protected trees

Prior notification forms