What our people say

Ask anyone who works at Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) what is good about the council and the most likely response you will receive is ‘our people’.

We are an ambitious bunch with a clear desire to deliver positive outcomes for Cheltenham and its citizens. One of our key distinguishing features is that we care for people both within and outside of the organisation. Working at CBC means working as part of a committed, professional and friendly team.

Ranging from more than 30 years working here to just a few months, here’s what some of our fantastic people have to say.

Chris, housing survey & licensing officer

"I began working for the council when I left school at 16. Nearly 39 years have passed and they have provided excellent encouragement and training to enable me in my career progression. They have also been very supportive when I had a young family and through sadder times of bereavement. I have loved my time here and intend to continue through now to retirement and beyond!"

Lisa, Marketing Cheltenham

"I manage the Visit Cheltenham website, social media channels and visitor newsletter. I adore my job and it is truly an honour to promote our beautiful Regency town. We are a very busy team. My job is full on and my working days are never long enough to get through my to-do list but there is never a dull moment!"

Tracey, planning

"Flexible working is key to making my work life balance work and I promote this across my teams. I have a terrific team that I work with, and like any job, there are always a variety of curveballs thrown here and there! I can always rely on my team to help problem solve these and get the job done."

Gemma, finance team

"I joined the finance team six months ago and I can honestly say it has been the best career decision I have made to date. The council are forward thinking, innovative and really walk the walk in supporting their communities, businesses and residents. During the pandemic, the whole council stepped up to deliver meals on wheels, providing food bank support, coordinating test and trace and providing £47m of grants to businesses across the town. It was fantastic to be a part of and see first-hand the passion my colleagues have for making Cheltenham a place where everyone can thrive."

Mark, corporate projects

"I joined Cheltenham Borough Council in 1988 as a newly qualified accountant. Whilst Cheltenham is a relatively small district council, it is aspirational and has always sought to deliver transformation change for its residents, businesses and visitors. Because of its size, there are considerable opportunities to get ‘hands on’ experience in delivering key initiatives which enhance career opportunities further. I have found it to be a really nurturing environment which allowed me to grow and develop and was supportive of me in fulfilling my own career aspirations and harnessing my own interests. Cheltenham is also a special place to live, work and bring up a family."

Maxine, web team

"After graduating with a degree in English literature I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something with an element of creativity, possibly in publishing. When I saw the job ad for a web editorial officer at CBC, it sounded right up my street. I’ve now been here for over 10 years. I love my job, the variety of projects I get involved with and the fact that I work in a friendly and fun team. At CBC I feel valued and I love working with creative and passionate people who really care about the community in Cheltenham."

Chris, environmental health team

"The flexible and agile working style at CBC is second to none. Whether that is working irregular hours out of the typical 9-5 or working from home, out on site, in the office or anywhere else I have found this element to be extremely beneficial to my work-life balance and mental health. As I have family care responsibilities, this has been incredibly useful and also empowering. My efficiency and work feels graded upon outcomes rather than hours logged behind a static screen.

"On a social level, the team are all incredibly friendly and I have enjoyed many social events such as team meals and pub quizzes. Most importantly, everyone is approachable and has an excellent sense of humour which I feel is an absolute must at work! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to start my career within such an innovative, down to earth and forward thinking local authority."

Tamara, former apprentice now working in the revenues and benefits team

"To say this has been hard journey is an understatement, it has however been a journey worth taking. I have developed so much as a person and the growth of confidence in myself has been outstanding.  Luckily I have had lots of help and support from my colleagues, every day brings a new set of challenges but also a full day of laughs. I am extremely proud of myself for what I have managed to achieve in these last two years, not only did I pass but I got a distinction and a permanent role as a support officer. I now have my sights set on the future and future roles within the council, I am very proud to be a part of CBC."

Tamara recently completed her apprenticeship course with Gloucestershire College, achieving Level 3 business administration with distinction.