CCTV open data

Download our CCTV policy, CCTV codes of practice and CCTV self assessments. You can also download the subject access request form.

CCTV policy

Download Cheltenham Borough Council's CCTV policy.

CCTV codes of practice

Car parks CCTV code of practice

Cemetery and crematorium CCTV code of practice

Municipal Offices CCTV code of practice

CCTV self assessments

Car parks CCTV self assessment

Cemetery and crematorium CCTV self assessment

Municipal Offices CCTV self assessment

Subject access request form

The subject access request form is used to confirm the identity of the data subject (the person in the footage), the identity and authority of the applicant (where applicable) and to assist in locating personal data relating to the data subject.

Please complete it and send it to the address at the end of the form.