Notice of poll for All Saints ward

Local authority name: Cheltenham Borough Council
Name of ward: All Saints
Number of councillors to be elected in this ward: One

A poll will be held on Thursday 5 May 2022 between 7am and 10pm in this ward.


The following people stand nominated for election to this ward.

Persons nominated to stand for election in All Saints ward

Candidate name and description (if any)

Address of candidate

Names of assenters to the nomination (Proposer and Seconder listed first)

Christensen, Peter

The Conservative Party Candidate

133 Hales Road, Cheltenham, GL52 6ST

Matthew P Babbage(P), Suzanne J Babbage(S), Jacob David Guy Wilson, Emily Zara Farrow, Heather E Barton, Simon M E Barton, Robert H Entwistle, Catherine A Entwistle, Nicholas G Dolan, Maria T Padillo-Rivademar 

Laing, Isobel Amy

Labour Party

(address in Cheltenham)

Brogan Warren(P), Steven Croft Rayworth(S), Katherine E Alder, Elliott N L Langdon-Bates, Noah Warren, Atalanta Henrietta Gourlay, Robert Angus Gourlay, Diana H Hale, Martin R Hale, Neil G Penny 

Tailford, Izaac Augustus

Liberal Democrats

83 Shurdington Road, Cheltenham, GL53 0JQ

Paul Richard Baker(P), Maximilian Peter McGregor Wilkinson(S), Stephen Andrew Jordan, Susan V Chiplen, Nicholas R Chiplen, Andrew Paul Woodward, Suzanne Middleton, Judith Mary Rogerson, Alice Louise Bailhache, Alexander Romek Fox 

West, Stephen

Green Party

10 Keynsham Street, Cheltenham, GL52 6EJ

Jessica West(P), Murray John Stevenson(S), Barbara Cecelia Caldwell-Khan, Kamgar Khan-Orakzai, Justine Alexandra Rebecca Wheeler, Michael Antoniou, Melanie Jane Richmond, Sally Oliver, Adrian Becker, Sarah J Field 

Polling stations

All Saints ward polling stations

No. of polling station

Situation of polling station

Description of persons entitled to vote


Holy Trinity Primary School, Jersey Street, Cheltenham, GL52 2JP

AA / 1 to AA / 2196


Morton Brown Room, Highbury Church Hall, Priory Terrace, Cheltenham, GL52 6DS

AB / 1  to AB / 2422

Dated: Tuesday 26 April 2022
Paul Jones, Returning officer
Cheltenham Borough Council, Municipal Offices, Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 9SA