What you need to know about elections

Did you know you can register to vote at both your home and University address? Registering to vote only takes five minutes.

You will be asked for your national insurance number but you can register without it.

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Citizens of Britain, Ireland, EU, Commonwealth and British Overseas Territories are all eligible to register to vote.

Why register to vote?

  • It helps you use your voice and get the things you want - whether that’s finding somewhere to rent, getting a mobile contract, or getting credit, it helps if you're on the electoral roll as credit reference agencies use it to check when you apply. 
  • If you want better or different recreational facilities, local events, or improved waste and recycling collections, you can’t vote without being registered

Registered to vote elsewhere?

If you are registered to vote elsewhere and do not want to register in Cheltenham you will need to let us know.

Let us know you're registered to vote elsewhere

Voter ID

If you want to vote in person at a polling station you will now need to show a photo ID. You may already hold an accepted form of photo ID. You can use expired photo ID, as long as the image on the ID is still a good likeness to you.

If you don’t hold an accepted form of photo ID you can apply for a free Voter ID document known as the Voter Authority Certificate. You must be a registered voter to be issued with a certificate.

Find out more about voter ID

Prestbury by-election

Pittville student village falls within two wards. Students who fall into the Prestbury ward will have polling districts MA1, MA2 or MB, and provided you register to vote by Tuesday 26 September 2023 you will be eligible to vote at the by election being held in the Prestbury ward on 12 October 2023.

Not all students who are on the Pittville campus can vote in this by election, as your address may not be in the Prestbury ward. To confirm if your address is within the Prestbury ward, please use the online map and enter the post code for the halls GL52 3JG in the location field. Select the name of your halls on the left hand side in the drop down and this will show which polling district your address fall in.

Addresses in polling districts MA1, MA2 and MB are eligible to vote in the Prestbury by election. Addresses in polling district LA are not eligible to vote in the Prestbury by election.