Parliamentary (general) elections

Parliamentary elections are held every five years.  You vote for a Member of Parliament (MP) to sit in the House of Commons in Westminster and represent your interests and concerns. MPs consider and can propose new laws as well as raising issues that matter to you in the House. This includes asking government ministers questions about current issues including those which affect Cheltenham.

Who am I voting for?

Cheltenham constituency is made up of 18 borough wards (Prestbury and Swindon Village come under Tewkesbury consituency). Each constituency in the UK elects one MP.

How are the votes counted?

The first past the post voting system is used for Parliamentary (general) elections elections. This means the candidate with the most votes is elected; they do not need to get more than half of the votes cast.  If there is a tie then a candidate is selected by the drawing of lots (a method of selection by chance such as tossing a coin or picking a name out of a hat).