Current licensing consultations

Consultation on revised Street Scene Policy

We are consulting on proposed changes to our Street Scene Policy. The policy deals with the licensing and regulation of charitable collections and objects placed on the public highway such as tables and chairs, A-boards and other associated objects.

  • Part 1 of the policy deals with the licensing and regulation of charitable collections.  Aside from general updates and tiding up, we are not proposing any substantial changes to this part of the policy.
  • Part 2 deals with the licensing of objects obstructing the highway (such as tables and chairs, A-boards and other associated objects). This part of the policy is subject to the most substantial changes as outlined below.

The authority’s approach to licensing A-boards is outlined in Appendix E (Outdoor Advertising Protocol). Through this review, we are not proposing to change the general approach as outlined in the protocol because the authority is of the view that the approach strikes the right balance between supporting those business deemed to be at a disadvantage whilst maintaining a low level of unnecessary obstruction and clutter on the public highway.

What are we proposing to change?

  1. Determination of an application – Strengthening the authority’s position on applications that do not comply with the policy by making it clear the default position would be a refusal and that the onus is on the applicant to convince the committee otherwise.
  2. Lengthening the period for consultation to 14 days (for applications where the statutory period does not apply) and updating who we consult with.
  3. Formalising the requirement to maintain a minimum of 1.8m unobstructed thoroughfare.
  4. Updating to the authority’s approach to enforcement to streamline the approach and reflect the change in the county council delegations to enable this authority to use removal powers under the legislation instead of relying on Magistrates Court Orders.

You can read the revised policy document on our website.

How to respond to the consultation

You should respond in writing, either by email to or addressed to:

Licensing Section
Cheltenham Borough Council
Municipal Offices
GL50 9SA

The consultation will close on 12 January 2021.

If you have any questions about the consultation, please email

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