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Cheltenham Borough Council is supporting the Gloucestershire Better Business for All (BBfA) partnership with the Growth Hub here in Gloucestershire. The principal aim for the council is to provide a holistic link between local businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the support and regulatory functions  of the council. This will initially cover licensing, environmental protection, health and safety and food safety.

By joining the partnership, the council can continue to drive towards its aim of being a place where everyone thrives.


You can also find out more about the partnership, along with numerous sucessful case studies on their YouTube channel.

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What are growth hubs?

Growth Hubs will be the central repository of information, advice and support for business within a defined local area. The aim of the hubs is to provide a holistic approach to business support. Through a single point of contact, a business will connect to the information, advice or support it requires. It is envisaged that the primary method will be web-based with telephone and/or email support.

The hub will function as a one-stop shop collating various facets of business support such as access to training, finance and local authority services such as regulatory services. Growth Hubs will be a signposting service.

How is Cheltenham Borough Council involved?

Our regulatory and environmental services routinely provide a considerable amount of support to business and therefore should be considered as a vital part of the Growth Hub package. Being included within the Growth Hub will assist in embedding regulatory services as a key business support function and part of the wider business support solution.