Business continuity advice

Every year approximately one in five companies and organisations is affected by a major disruption to its services.

80 percent of those without a business continuity plan close down within 18 months.

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Below are some handy tips:

In the event of a:

  • fire;
  • computer theft;
  • flooding;
  • power failure;
  • loss of key suppliers;
  • epidemic;

could your business cope?

Identifying your critical activities and the key resources that are fundamental to keeping your business running is an important part of reducing the impact. Further information can be found at:

How many of the following can you tick?

  • Computer files backed up daily;
  • Back-up IT hardware and software identified;
  • Alternative communications identified;
  • UPS in place and working;
  • Contact details stored off-site for staff;
  • Key suppliers;
  • Utilities; or
  • Alternative work premises identified?

If you have ticked very few, think about formally developing a business continuity plan. It is a good way of working out the full impact and also means you gather important information about your business, staff, suppliers and customers.

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