Consultation of revised Street Trading Policy

About this consultation  

Consultation start date: 7 June 2019

Consultation end date: 7 August 2019

The council is responsible for regulating street trading activities in the borough through a licensing scheme.

The council has adopted a licensing policy. The policy sets out the council’s framework and approach for the management of street trading in the borough.

The adopted policy aims to:

  1. prevent the obstruction of the streets by street trading activities;
  2. sustain established shopkeepers in the town;
  3. maintain the quality of the townscape and add value to the town; and
  4. encourage inward investment.

The council undertakes regular reviews of its licensing policies to ensure they remain up to date with changes in law, guidance and best practice.

In this case, a review of the council’s street trading policy has been undertaken and the council is now consulting on the revised policy.  This document sets out the policy changes proposed.

A copy of the revised policy can be found on the council’s website for reference.

Proposed changes

Street trading zones and points

The policy specifies locations around the town that have been deemed appropriate for street trading. The policy has revised these locations taking into account the changing nature of the public realm and retail offer.

Assessment criteria

The council is proposing the following amendments to the policy’s assessment criteria:

Appearance of the stall or vehicle – The revised policy on the appearance of the stall or vehicle will include a revised section as per the below:

The council will generally not permit trading units where the unit fully, or substantially, blocks lines of sight to established retailers in the vicinity. Any street trading operation which negatively impacts public access by walking, cycling or public transport will not be encouraged.

Environmental credentials – The revised policy on environmental credentials associated with street trading will include a new section on single use plastics:

Note: The council actively discourages the deployment of single-use plastics associated with street trading activities.  The council will encourage the use of sustainable products and will consider the trader’s environmental credentials in respect of these when considering whether or not to approve applications.

Other matters

Real fur – The council is seeking views on whether it should ban the sale of real fur relating to any street trading activities that require a consent. 

The council recognise the various views on the debate and also the fact that the sale of real fur in the UK is not unlawful. However, the council also acknowledge the animal welfare concerns associated with the trade and sale of real fur.

Single use plastics - The council will consider views on whether it should adopt a policy that will address the issue of single use plastics in conjunction with street trading activities. 

In February 2019 Full Council passed a resolution that, among other things, called on the council’s Cabinet to “Pledge to make Cheltenham carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions”.  As part of this council resolution, this policy is seeking views on a ban of single use plastics in conjunction with street trading activities. 

Consultation - The council will consider views on whether it should extend consultation periods for street trading applications. There is currently a 7 day consultation period and the council is proposing to extend this to 14 days to give statutory consultees, residents and the public sufficient time to consider applications and to comment in relation to these.

How you can respond

Responses must be made in writing. These can be submitted either electronically or in hard copy and can be submitted:

  1. By email to 
  2. By post to Licensing Section, Cheltenham Borough Council, Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 9SA
  3. In person to the Municipal Offices, Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 9SA

Consultation responses must be submitted no later than 7 August 2019.

Further information

Any questions relating to this consultation should be referred to the licensing section.

Please refer to the licensing consultations privacy statement for more information on how we will process the information you provide us.

Please note that we are not able to provide individual feedback on consultation responses including notification of subsequent committee hearings. Please visit the council’s democracy pages for information on future committee hearings.