Your application has been approved - what to do now

Check your planning permission carefully to ensure that there are no errors in it. If there are, contact us immediately quoting the reference number and setting out clearly what you think is wrong.

Identify which conditions require you to submit further details or information, and when these have to be complied with.

Conditions are often imposed to regulate certain aspects of an approved scheme and are an important element in the process. If it were not for the conditions, it is possible that planning permission could have been refused. Conditions can also add the finishing touches to a scheme by making it more attractive, adding value and making it more saleable so everyone (you and the wider community) benefits.

Some conditions must be complied with before a development is started. Some regulate how the work is carried out. Others require actions before a building is occupied or a use commences. Certain conditions will seek to regulate how the completed development is to be used, or to control possible changes in the future. Consult with your advisers on how best to comply with those conditions.

If you are unhappy about any of the conditions imposed you can lodge an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate but you must do so within 6 months of the date of the decision. Talk to the case officer who dealt with your specific scheme if you want to explore this further, as any commencement during the appeal process may invalidate the consent.