Complying with conditions

The first condition will limit the length of time that the permission is valid. If work is not started within that time the permission will lapse.

Before starting work you must discharge all pre-conditions. In other words, you must provide the council with the information required, and receive written approval, for conditions that specify "prior to commencement details are to be submitted" or are similarly worded.

How to discharge a condition

When applying for a condition to be discharged, ensure that the information, details and/or drawings submitted are comprehensive and meet the condition requirement. A condition is only discharged when written approval is given by the council in formal letter.

We will reject applications for condition compliance where the details are inadequate. To understand exactly what is required you should read the condition and reason carefully and in full.

To apply for discharge of a planning condition, please complete the application form which must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. To complete the application form, please refer to the guidance notes

How to vary an existing scheme

Condition discharge does not grant consent to vary the original approved drawings. If you want or need to vary the permitted scheme, seek our advice first.

A further planning application is required for a variation or removal of a condition.

To apply for a variation of a condition following a planning permission, complete the application form. Please read the guidance notes and ensure that you have ticked all the items on the checklist.