Work has begun on a new plan for Cheltenham. The Cheltenham Plan will be a new planning document which will guide development in the local area and will be used in combination with the Joint Core Strategy for Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury (JCS).

Public consultations

The Cheltenham Plan: Pre-Submission is available to view, download and make representations on at consult.cheltenham.gov.uk

We are currently consulting on the Cheltenham Plan Pre-Submission document and further details can be found at our online consultation webpage.

The period for submission of representations runs for eight weeks from Monday 12 February 2018 until Monday 9 April 2018. Representations should arrive no later than midnight on Monday 9 April 2018. In accordance with government regulations we have produced a Statement of Representations Procedure.

Supporting documents and evidence papers are also available to view on the website. Representations can be made via the consultation website or may be returned by e-mail to localplan@cheltenham.gov.uk. Making your representation online will help us to save paper and save time.

If you don’t have internet access, representation forms can be returned to: Planning Policy, Cheltenham Borough Council, Municipal Offices, Promenade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 9SA

If you would like to access paper copies of the consultation documents and questionnaire they will be available in the following locations during normal opening hours for the duration of the consultation:

  • Cheltenham Borough Council Municipal Offices
  • Charlton Kings Library
  • Cheltenham Library
  • Hesters Way Library
  • Prestbury Library
  • Up Hatherley Library
  • Bishop’s Cleeve Library
  • Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project
  • Springbank Community Resource Centre
  • Cheltenham West End Partnership Community Resource Centre
  • Oakley Community Resource Centre

All representations received will be submitted to the Secretary of State and considered as part of a public examination by an independent Planning Inspector. The Inspector will assess whether the plan has been prepared in accordance with the Duty to Co-operate, legal and procedural requirements, and whether the plan is sound.

In addition to consultation materials being available as above, planning officers will also be available to answer questions and provide information at several drop-in events during the consultation period:

Hesters Way Community Resource Centre, Cassin Dr, Cheltenham GL51 7SU

Monday 5 March  - 3pm to 7pm

Warden Hill United Reformed Church, 94 Salisbury Ave, Cheltenham GL51 3BY

Wednesday 7 March – 3pm to 7pm

Oakley Community Resource Centre, Clyde Crescent, Cheltenham GL52 5QJ

Monday 12 March – 2pm to 6pm

Regent Arcade, Regent St, Cheltenham GL50 1EU

Saturday 24 March – 11:30am to 2:30pm

Please note that copies of all representations will be made available for the public to view (including your name and address), and therefore cannot be treated as confidential.

Request to be notified

Using the representation form you can request to be notified about any of the following next steps:

  • Submission of the Cheltenham Plan for public examination by an independent inspector;
  • Publication of the Inspector's recommendations; and
  • The adoption of the Cheltenham Plan.

We have previously carried out three public consultations on the Cheltenham Plan to date.

Why produce the Cheltenham Plan?

The Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) have brought about major changes to the planning system and reintroduced the term ‘Local Plan’. The NPPF states that each local planning authority (LPA) should produce a Local Plan for its area, based upon the presumption in favour of sustainable development, with clear policies that will guide how the presumption should be applied. The current planning policies for Cheltenham are contained in the Cheltenham Borough Local Plan Second Review. In future this will be replaced by two main policy documents: the Joint Core Strategy and the Cheltenham Plan.

Cheltenham’s existing policies

Cheltenham Borough Local Plan Adopted 2006 (saved policies) and associated supplementary planning guidance (SPGs)/supplementary planning documents (SPDs) and development briefs. Whilst existing saved policies and SPGs/SPDs remain the starting point for decision making, the amount of weight that these policies have will vary and, in the most part, will reduce over time. We must produce new, up-to-date plans based on objectively assessed evidence to make sure that development in Cheltenham is ‘plan-led’ rather than ‘appeal-led’.

Joint Core Strategy (JCS)

Work is ongoing on the JCS which will provide the strategic planning framework for the area. The JCS will cover strategic housing (including gypsy and travellers), employment and infrastructure requirements across the JCS area. A new Cheltenham Plan will be able to address the more detailed local policies, non-strategic allocations, local infrastructure issues and development management policies relevant to Cheltenham.