Changes to collections

If you live in a block of flats, it's likely that you will use communal waste and recycling bins.

Ubico, the company who collects your waste and recycling on behalf of the council, has recently made some changes to the collection schedule.

The majority of residents should not notice any difference as their communal bins are located in a bin store to which the crews have direct access. However if you put your recycling bins out for collection (as your bin storage areas are locked) we advise you to refer to the map for your new scheduled collection day information.

Why the changes?

Cheltenham Borough Council sells the recycling materials we collect to a re-processer based in the UK. A recent clamp-down on the quality of recycling material sent to the Far East has had a knock-on effect on markets closer to home, as companies are finding they can no longer send lower quality material abroad. UK and European markets have been flooded with poorer quality materials and so the material we sell is being very closely scrutinised by the re-processor to ensure quality. Any loads with even the smallest amount of contamination risk being downgraded, negatively affecting their value.

It is extremely important that we achieve the best price for our material, as the income generated goes towards offsetting some of the costs of collection. Following an extensive investigation, Ubico has identified that the majority of contamination is coming from communal recycling bins. They have therefore taken immediate action to make collections from these properties separately from non-communal properties, and this has resulted in collection day changes for some properties as shown on the zone map.

If you would like further information about the changes, please contact us on 01242 262626 or email