What is the Cheltenham #WasteNothing challenge?

Do you have what it takes to reduce your green waste bin by half?

The Cheltenham #WasteNothing challenge will begin in 2020 and last for 90 days. We would like 50 households from across Cheltenham who will challenge themselves to reduce the amount of waste they generate, working towards the ultimate goal of producing zero waste. We will support participants every step of the way with information, training and practical help.

What does the challenge entail?

  • All participants are encouraged to make changes, big and small, to their lifestyle to help reduce the amount of waste they produce
  • To keep a record of their progress, households must take photos and log the number of boxes and bags the currently use and record their progress
  • Households will be encouraged to use a composter or wormery for the food waste they generate  or if the household does not have room for either, they should  use their food caddy

How do households sign-up?

Register with the CleanGreen team by emailing [email protected] with the subject #WasteNothing challenge and we will send you:

  • Basic tools to help you to start adopting zero-waste solutions in the New Year
  • Daily tips on how you can reduce your waste
  • Workshops, tutorials, 1:1 support, talks and new sustainable experiences with inspiring zero-waste heroes
  • An online blog for participants, partners and CleanGreen Cheltenham team where everyone can share experiences, advice, obstacles and encouragement

Check back for more details and stories from our 50 households!

Our team took the challenge

Find out what happened when one of our team spent 3 months taking on the #WasteNothing challenge.