Ask the Waste Wizard

Ask the Waste Wizard


Use our waste wizard search to find out alternative ways you can repair, reuse, recycle or dispose of your household items.

Please enter your postcode with a space (for example GL51 9JS). 

How the search results are organised

  1. Ways of reusing or repairing items will appear first in the list as these are the most sustainable options
  2. Next, you'll see whether you can recycle the item at the kerbside with your normal waste collection or take it to a recycling centre for recycling
  3. Lastly, you will see disposal options if the item is not easily recyclable

Other websites and businesses

The search contains links to other websites and businesses. If you use the links, you will leave our website. The links are provided for your information and convenience only and are not an endorsement. We advise you to check that the business or charity accept items before visiting.