What happens to your food recycling?

Food waste plant

Where does Cheltenham’s food waste go and what happens to it?

After being collected by Ubico, Cheltenham’s food waste is transported locally to a company called Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Andigestion) just outside Bishops Cleeve. The photo above shows the main building at the Bishops Cleeve depot with one of our very own vehicles just about to enter the facility.

The process of recycling food is part of a four step programme from the moment it is collected from your household.

  1. Food waste collection
  2. Food processing – the photo below shows a staff member from Andigestion in one of the mixing tanks
  3. Energy production
  4. Bio fertiliser spreading

Food waste plant

The waste is mixed together in one of Severn Trent Green Power's (formerly Andigestion) mixing tanks to turn it into a pumpable 'soup' before moving on to the next stage.

You'll find further information and a more detailed description about the whole process on the Gloucestershire Recycles website

Did you know?

1kg of food waste is enough to charge a mobile phone for 79 hours.

1 tonne of food waste = 1200kwh of energy.

Please note you can also home compost your food. Please visit our home composting page for more information.

Last year 2020/21 a belly busting 3,916.90 tonnes of food was collected across Cheltenham.

As well as kerbside collections we also collect recycling at events such as the literature festival. Recycling at events is dealt in the same way, as if collected at the kerbside in Cheltenham.