No space for a brown bin?

cartoon boy in blue hoody and jeans standing next to brown paper garden waste sack

If you live in one of the specified areas where there is little or no space for storing a brown wheelie bin, you can have your garden waste collected in compostable paper sacks.

The service works on a pay-per-sack basis, instead of an annual subscription.

The scheme is entirely optional. You can still use the brown bin service or take your garden waste to the Swindon Road recyling centre or compost it at home.

How the scheme works

If you live in a qualifying street you can buy the 75 litre paper sacks at £16.50 for 10 sacks. There is a charge of £1.25 for delivery, or you can collect your order from the municipal offices.

Up to 10 sacks can be put out for collection on each collection day.

Collections will be made fortnightly on a Wednesday. Find out the collection week for your street.

Please ensure sacks are presented at the kerbside at the front of your property by 7am on collection day.

Qualifying streets

View the directory of streets included in the scheme.

Apply for the service

To apply for the service, please contact us on 01242 262626 and have your debit or credit card details ready for payment.

What you can put into your garden waste sacks:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge and shrub clippings
  • leaves, twigs and bark
  • plants, flowers and weeds
  • windfall fruit
  • small branches

What you should not put in the sacks:

  • soil
  • animal waste
  • cooked and uncooked food waste - please use your food caddy
  • vegetable peelings - please use your food caddy
  • large branches
  • plant pots and growbags