On-street parking permits - finding your council tax number

On-street parking permits are supplied by Gloucestershire County Council. If you need to apply for a permit please complete the relevant online form on their website.

The parking permit application will ask you to supply your council tax account number - you can find this on your council tax bill. Please note that to protect the information on your council tax account this number cannot be given to you over the telephone.

If you do not have a copy of your bill:

  • If you are the council tax payer and are named on the bill, but do not have a copy of your bill, you can view and download a copy from your My Revenues and Benefits account
  • If you have just moved in or are about to move in you will need to be registered as the council payer at the address. Please complete the relevant change of address form and your bill will be sent to the property at the time of your move
  • If you are not the council tax payer you cannot have a copy of the bill. You should contact Gloucestershire County Council to find out what other documents you can provide