Taxis in Cheltenham

Taxi driver

Hackney carriage and private hire

There are two types of vehicle that can be licensed to carry fare paying passengers:

1.  Hackney carriage vehicles


  •     can be flagged down by passengers and can use designated taxi ranks
  •     meter fares are set by the council
  •     limits are placed on the number of the vehicles licensed by Cheltenham Borough Council

2.  Private hire vehicles

  •     must be booked in advance of a journey
  •     the council has no control over the fare
  •     work for a private hire operator

Safety information

The stay safe posters are designed to help the public to stay safe when using licensed vehicles in the borough.  The posters show what to look out for when using a taxi or private hire vehicle and what to do when you feel unsafe.


If you want to be or currently are a hackney carriage or private hire driver, there is licensing information available which details the licences needed to become a taxi driver and how to make an application for each one, as well as other useful information.