Taxis in Cheltenham

Taxi driver

Hackney carriage and private hire

There are two types of vehicle that can be licensed to carry fare paying passengers:

Hackney carriage vehicles

  • white top light displaying the word “TAXI”
  • displays green plate with black writing
  • can be flagged down by passengers and can use designated taxi ranks
  • can pick up without prior booking
  • meter fares are set by the council
  • limits are placed on the number of the vehicles licensed by Cheltenham Borough Council

Private hire vehicles

  • displays yellow plate with black writing
  • must be booked in advance of a journey
  • the council has no control over the fare
  • work for a private hire operator

Safety information

  • Private hire vehicles must be pre-booked and can't be flagged down on the street. If you haven't booked in advance, the journey is not insured
  • Don't use a vehicle if you feel unsafe or the vehicle is in a state of disrepair
  • If you feel uneasy, make a note of the number plate and driver’s licence number and text them to a friend or family member 
  • Sit in the back of the vehicle
  • Keep your mobile phone where it is easily accessible

Report any concerns to our licensing team on 01242 264135 or [email protected].

Wheelchair accessible taxis

Find a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Taxi rank map

To ensure you travel in a licensed taxi you should only use an authorised taxi rank. Use the map below to see taxi rank locations.


If you want to be or currently are a hackney carriage or private hire driver, there is licensing information available which details the licences needed to become a taxi driver and how to make an application for each one, as well as other useful information.