Drivers with wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs)

Accessible taxis

In line with the Equality Act 2010, if you hire a designated taxi as a wheelchair user, you can expect the driver:

  • to carry you while in your wheelchair
  • not to make any additional charge for doing so
  • to carry your wheelchair, if you choose to sit in a passenger seat
  • to carry you safely and in reasonable comfort

The driver should also provide mobility assistance if needed:

  • to enable you to get into or out of the vehicle
  • to enable you to get into and out of the vehicle while in your wheelchair if you want to travel in your wheelchair
  • to load your luggage into or out of the vehicle
  • to load your wheelchair into or out of the vehicle if you don't want to remain in the wheelchair

A driver of a designated taxi or designated private hire vehicle is committing an offence if they don't comply with the duties listed above.

List of drivers' contact details

Wheelchair accessible taxis - driver contact details
Driver name Contact details
Mr Denin Devassy 07450231216
Mr Ben Attew 07825116760
Mr Lee Boreham 07808887158
Mr Tony Taylor 07775734152
Mr Yasir Manzoor 07853782351
Mr Petru Ovidiu Hozas


Mr Parin Dramaci 07789190930
Mr Constantin Tudor


Weekdays, 5pm to 10pm

Saturdays, 5pm to 10pm

Mr Matthew Evans 07773553989

List of designated vehicles

Details of wheelchair accessible vehicles
Plate number Driver name Vehichle make Vehicle model Number of seats Issue date
HCV001 Mr John Donoher Peugeot Partner 4 23-Jun-21
HCV011 Mr Aroquiadasse Jacob Peugeot Partner 4 22-Jun-21
HCV014 Mr Jobayar Ahmed Peugeot Partner 4 22-Dec-20
HCV030 Mr Sergio Varagidas Peugeot Premier 4 06-May-21
HCV047 Mr Ravinder Singh Virk Peugeot Partner 4 01-Oct-21
HCV053 Mr Bilal Ali Citroen Dispatch 8 05-Nov-21
HCV070 Mr Ashley Charles Parsons Peugeot Horizon 4 23-Jul-21
HCV071 Mr Dipak Duarcadas Peugeot Horizon 4 25-Oct-21
HCV084 Mr Samir Jamshidi Peugeot Partner 4 23-Jul-21
HCV091 Mr  Gurpreet Gill Peugeot Horizon 4 11-Jun-21
HCV096 Mr Martin White Peugeot Partner 4 21-May-21
HCV107 Mr Constantin Tudor Peugeot Premier 4 11-Jun-21
HCV110 Mr Nehar Miah Peugeot Horizon 4 21-May-21
HCV124 Mr Anthony Taylor Peugeot Horizon 4 13-Aug-21
HCV129 Mr Haydn Pearl Peugeot Partner 4 19-Oct-21
HCV134 Ms Susan Merrilyn Pearl Peugeot E7 7 21-Jun-21
HCV138 Mr Ben Arthur Attew Peugeot Partner 4 13-Sep-21
HCV139 Mr Harpal Singh Peugeot Partner 4 12-Oct-21
HCV145 Mr Jaydip Kalapi Ford Tourneo 5 28-Jul-21
HCV148 Mr Muhammad Jameel Raja Peugeot Partner 4 15-Apr-21
HCV151 Mr Muhammad Raza Ford Freedom 5 21-May-21
HCV155 Mr Parin Sacicant Dramaci Peugeot Horizon 4 26-Aug-21
HCV157 Mr Ajit Vassantcumar Peugeot Horizon 4 21-Apr-21
HCV158 Mr Anthony Dalby Peugeot Partner 4 25-Mar-21
HCV162 Mr Paul Anthony Farrell Ford Tourneo 8 22-Sep-21
HCV168 Mr Nouman Liaqat Peugeot Expert 7 01-Jun-21
HCV175 Mr Naqvi Syed Wiqar Peugeot Partner 4 24-Feb-21
HCV180 Mr Ileshcumar Mugatlal Peugeot Horizon 4 25-Oct-21
HCV182 Mr Abdul Muhith Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4 03-Jun-21
HCV192 Mr Rahmat Ali Heydari Peugeot Partner 4 01-Apr-21
HCV195 Mr Constantin Badoaia Volkswagen Kudos 4 20-Aug-21
HCV198 Mr Malcolm Rogers Peugeot Partner 4 26-Mar-21
HCV201 Mr Mohammed Akil Miah Peugeot Expert 5 15-Sep-21
HCV202 Mr Paul Avery Citroen Berlingo 4 19-Nov-21
HCV203 Mr Haluk Yaman Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4 25-Jan-21
HCV204 Mr Iftikhar Ahmed Peugeot Horizon 4 12-Feb-21
HCV205 Mr Petru Hozas Peugeot E7 7 01-Sep-21
HCV208 Mr Evans Matthew James Ford Tourneo 8 17-Nov-21
HCV210 Mr Atiq Rehman Peugeot Horizon 4 30-Jul-21
HCV211 Mr Rashid Farooq Ford Transit Connect 4 18-Nov-20
HCV213 Mr Baqer Shah Peugeot Partner 4 24-May-21
HCV214 Ms Joanne White Peugeot E7 7 23-Dec-20
HCV215 Mr Qaiser Majeed Peugeot Horizon 4 16-Jul-21
HCV216 Mr Umer Shahzad Peugeot Partner 4 19-Oct-21
HCV217 Mr Abdennaceur Chattaoui Peugeot Partner 4 23-Dec-20
HCV218 Mr Gheorge Gheorge Peugeot E7 7 25-Nov-21
HCV219 Mr Dushan Amarathunga Arachchige Peugeot Horizon 4 25-Nov-21
HCV221 Mr Imran Rentiya Peugeot E7 7 28-Jun-21
HCV222 Mr Abdul Kadir Peugeot E7 7 10-Jun-21
HCV223 Mr Daniel-Cristian Dinca Fiat Scudo TW220 SE 7 24-May-21
HCV224 Mr Gurdeep Singh Nijjar Peugeot Partner 4 01-Mar-21
HCV225 Mr Shamsuz Zaman Peugeot Partner 5 17-Feb-21
HCV226 Mr Aleksandar Dimitrov Peugeot Premier 4 12-Jul-21
HCV227 Mr Greemson John Peugeot Partner 4 11-Dec-20
HCV228 Mr Jayantilal Patel Ford Journey 4 30-Sep-21
HCV229 Kindertons LTD Mercedes Vito 6 01-Jun-21
HCV230 Mr Humayun Ghaffar Peugeot Partner 4 26-Oct-21
HCV231 Mr Md Islam Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4 23-Nov-21
HCV233 Mr Denin Devassy Peugeot Euro Bus 7 03-Sep-21
HCV234 Mr Mohammed Sorkio Abdullah Peugeot Partner 4 01-Mar-21
HCV235 Mr Rizwan Javed Peugeot Horizon 4 12-Nov-21
HCV237 Mr Atiq Ur Rehman Peugeot Premier 4 13-May-21
HCV238 Mr Graham Foley Ford Journey RX 5 05-Oct-21
HCV239 Mr Qais Jan Peugeot Partner 4 21-Dec-20
HCV240 Mr Babar Mushtaq Peugeot Partner 4 05-Oct-21
HCV241 Mr Andrei Norocel Ford Journey 4 10-Sep-21
HCV242 Mr Nicusor-Cristian Suica Renault Traffic 7 15-Feb-21
HCV243 Mr Danyar Ali Peugeot Partner 4 24-May-21
HCV244 Mr Rajiv Kalapi Ford Maxi cab 8 24-Feb-21
HCV245 Mr Christopher Guttridge Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4 02-Nov-21
HCV246 Mr Cristian Constantin Olteanu Ford Tourneo 8 01-Apr-21
HCV247 Mr Abdul Sattar Peugeot Horizon 4 27-Apr-21
HCV248 Mr Usman Akram Peugeot Horizon 4 10-May-21
HCV249 Mr Abdus Salam Juel Peugeot Horizon 4 30-Apr-21
HCV250 Mr Lee Boreham Peugeot Partner 4 21-Dec-20
HCV251 Mr Yasir Manzoor Peugeot Horizon 4 01-Jul-21
HCV252 Central Cab Care Ltd Ford Tourneo 8 28-Jul-21
HCV253 Mr Lutfor Rahman Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4 08-Oct-21
HCV254 Mr Adel Ahmadi Mercedes Vito 8 08-Sep-21
HCV255 Mr Camal Javaharlal Peugeot Horizon 4 04-Oct-21
HCV256 Mr Petru Ovidiu Hozas Renault Traffic 7 11-Feb-21
HCV260 Mr Syed Wiqar Naqvi Peugeot Partner 4 22-Feb-21
HCV267 Mr Florin Craciun Ford Tourneo 8 29-Oct-21
PHV172 Mr Neil Thompson Peugeot Partner 4 13-Jul-21