Community Right to Challenge - the right to challenge plan

The Right to Challenge Plan sets out when we will be accepting expressions of interest through the Community Right to Challenge for council services which are currently provided in-house. Please use the Community Right to Challenge Expression of Interest Form to submit an expression of interest for these services.

We will only accept expressions of interest within the specified time frame for each service. We have initially published a list of services covering the next 12 months, but we will update this in April 2013 after the publication of the council’s corporate strategy and commissioning programme.

We do reserve the right to make changes to the timing of expression of interest windows and the information in this plan at any time, though we will give you at least 3 months notice of any change that involves shortening the period in which an expression of interest may be received or which brings the beginning of that time frame forward.

The maximum period between the date we receive an expression of interest and the date by which we will publish its decision in respect of the expression of interest is 26 weeks. We will make the decision more quickly than this where possible.

If we accept an expression of interest, we must carry out a procurement exercise for that service. The minimum period between the date of our decision to accept an expression of interest for a service and the date on which the procurement exercise for that service will begin is 12 weeks. The maximum period is 26 weeks.

Current plan

The council has agreed that the Right to Challenge Plan is aligned to the commissioning of CBC services as set out in the current corporate strategy and action plan for 2013-14. Anyone interested in submitting an expression of interest will find timescales for current commissioning reviews in the document.