Community Right to Challenge - submitting an expression of interest

Anyone interested in running a council service, should submit an expression of interest.

The information we will ask for on the expression of interest form will include the following:

  • details of how the group meets the definition of a relevant body
  • details about the group’s financial resources
  • evidence that the group can demonstrates that by the time of any procurement exercise it will be capable of providing or assisting in providing the relevant service
  • details of the relevant service sufficient to identify it and the geographical area to which the expression of interest relates
  • details about the outcomes to be achieved by the group or, where appropriate, the consortium of which it is a part, in providing or assisting in the provision of the relevant services, in particular:
    • how the provision or assistance will promote or improve the social, economic or environmental well-being of the relevant authority's area 
    • how it will meet the needs of the users of the relevant service 
  • where the relevant body consists of employees of the council details of how that relevant body proposes to engage other employees of the council who are affected by the expression of interest

For further information, please contact:

Richard Gibson, Strategy and Engagement Manager at Cheltenham Borough Council - email [email protected].