Community building grants

Community building grants, up to a value of £300, are available annually. These are for community and voluntary sector groups to run small-scale projects, events and activities to help them support the wellbeing of their neighbourhood.

This is a rolling grants process and applications are welcomed at any time. Please read the application guidelines below to find out how to apply. To find out more please get in touch with the community services team.

Community building – application guidelines

We have a small pot of funding to allocate to local good causes and we are now inviting applications for funding to support community pride projects across Cheltenham.

Why community-building grants?

Cheltenham Borough Council wants to provide small amounts of money to our local communities so that they can use their significant skills, powers and resources to help build thriving communities.

These themes might be picked up in practical projects such as:

  • Purchasing equipment to enable the group to be more effective
  • Using technology and social media to create a supportive community
  • Organising community events that will build a strong sense of community resilience

Alternatively community groups might want to use the funding to acquire specific support such as:

  • Identifying, recruiting and supporting volunteers
  • Training courses for volunteers and paid staff to develop specific skills such as fund raising, management structures, governance and accountability
  • Accessing specific advice and support

Who can apply?

Any parish council, constituted voluntary sector, community or neighbourhood-based organisation, trade and business representative organisation or school can apply. The awarding criteria will seek to distribute this funding evenly across the different areas of Cheltenham.  

How much can be applied for?

Any group may apply for a single award up to a maximum of £300.  We will expect the group to contribute to the success of the project and match the grant with energy, time and commitment measured at £12 per hour, or through meeting any additiona costs incurred.  

What we won’t fund

  • Any events or activities of a political nature
  • Projects being delivered outside the boundaries of Cheltenham borough
  • Projects that cannot demonstrate that the necessary permissions will be achieved within the appropriate timescales

The assessment criteria

We are looking for projects that have been well thought out and can demonstrate the following:

  • That the project, event or activity will build and support community spirit
  • What will the event or activity achieve
  • How will success be measured
  • The amount of funding requested and any additional volunteer time or cash that is contributed

How to apply

Making an application

Please complete all sections of the application form. We won't consider incomplete applications.

For any enquiries please contact the community services team.

Agreements and performance management

Before the project can start, the council will enter into a project agreement with the provider which will set out various obligations on the two parties. This will include important issues like safeguarding, health and safety and data sharing.

Grant payments

For successful applicants, payments will generally be made in arrears on receipt of completed performance management report and claim form.  We can arrange advance payments to help with cash flow but this will be subject to checks and you will be liable to repay this if your project does not make satisfactory progress.

Other considerations

Please be aware that as this is public money, the funding will be subject to inspection and audit. Any fraudulent activity will be quickly identified and reported to the police.

Grants previously allocated

Community Building Grants 2019-20

  • Benhall Residents Association: Benhall Playing Out - closure of Bisley Road to allow children to play out safely on 13 July 2019. - £225
  • Oakley Residents Association: Oakley Fun Day - to launch new scooter park. - £300
  • Vision 21: Sewing Circles - to encourage repair and reuse of materials. - £300
  • Friends of Hatherley Park: Celebrate 80 in the Park! An event to mark Hatherley Park's 80th anniversary. - £300
  • Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project: Springbank Summer Fair. - £300
  • St Pauls Residents Association: St Paul’s Road Area residents’ association and St Paul’s NCG meetings and dissemination of information. - £300
  • Holocaust Memorial Day Act of Remembrance Committee: Act of Remembrance 27 January 2020, and marking 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. - £300

Total Communtiy Building Grants allocated in 2019-20 - £2,025

Community Building Grants 2018-19

  • UoG Students Union: SU Annual Christmas Tea Dance. - £300
  • Reddings Residents Association: The Reddings Air Quality Monitoring Project. - £200
  • St Pauls Residents Association: St Paul's Road Area Residents Association and St Paul's NCG. - £300
  • Cheltenham West End Partnership: Christmas Festival. - £280
  • Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts: Audience Development - Community Tickets. - £200
  • Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project: Winter Wonderland. - £300
  • Benhall Residents Association: Annual Community Family Event. - £250
  • Create on the Square Activities Team: Christmas on the Square. - £300
  • Qigong on the Park: Qigong on the Park. - £300
  • Holocaust Memorial Day Act of Remembrance Committee: HMD Act of Remembrance 24 January 2019. - £300
  • Pittville School: Driving attendance up to Christmas. - £300
  • CWEP: Litter Picking event. - £281

Total Communtiy Building Grants allocated in 2018-19 - £3,311

Community Building Grants 2017-18

  • Friends of Hatherley Park: Music in the Park. - £226
  • Cheltenham in Bloom: Celebrating 35 years of ‘Cheltenham in Bloom’. - £300
  • Golden-Oldies Charity: Goldies Singing in Cheltenham. - £300
  • St Paul’s Road Area Residents’ Association (SPRA): St Paul’s Road Area residents’ association (SPRA) and St Paul’s NCG. - £300
  • Oakley Residents Association: Oakley Fun Day. - £300
  • St. Marys Open Group: Purchase a defibrillator for St. Marys Parish Centre. - £300
  • Unwin Road Action Group: Unwin Road Footpath Lighting Scheme. - £200
  • St Michaels Cornerstone trust: Cornerstones holiday at home. - £300
  • Cheltenham Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration Committee: Holocaust Memorial Day Act of Remembrance. - £300
  • Naunton Area Residents Association (NARA): Establishment of new residents association. - £300

Total Communtiy Building Grants allocated in 2017-18 - £2,826

Community Building Grants 2016-17

  • Cheltenham Civic Society: Cheltenham Spa Tercentenary – illustrated booklet. - £300
  • Cheltenham Pensioners Forum: 18th anniversary buffet lunch. - £280
  • Charlton Kings in Bloom: Charlton Kings Meadows Project 2017. - £300
  • Pilates by Charlotte: Pre and Post-natal Pilates Group. - £300
  • Cheltenham Wombles: Art / Pottery competition – “Keeping Cheltenham Tidy”. - £300
  • SPRA St Paul’s Road Area residents association (SPRA) and St Paul’s NCG. - £300
  • Tenants Garden Competition: Tenants Garden Competition. - £300
  • Cheltenham Holocaust Memorial Day: Cheltenham Holocaust Memorial Day Act of Remembrance 2017. - £300
  • Mayor of Cheltenham: Rose Planting to celebrate Twinning Link. - £240
  • Cheltenham in Bloom: Enhancing the Planters. - £300

Total Communtiy Building Grants allocated in 2016-17 - £2,920

Community Building Grants 2015-16

  • Friends of Hatherley Park: Music in the Park for Nepal. - £250
  • Cheltenham Civic Society: Civic Day. - £300
  • University of Gloucestershire Students’ Union: Students’ Union Annual Christmas Tea Dance. - £300
  • Gloucestershire County Council: Hesters Way Library: Hesters Way Library Summer Reading Challenge 2015: Record Breakers. - £300
  • Cheltenham and District Allotment Holders’ Association: Promoting the Interest of Allotment Gardeners. - £250
  • Golden-Oldies: Goldies Singing in Cheltenham. - £300
  • Glos Gay and Lesbian Community Group: Cheltenham Outreach project. - £300
  • St. Michael’s Cornerstone Trust: Festival Fortnight. - £100
  • Cheltenham in Bloom: Bringing the Community together – Residential and Commercial – Presentation Awards Evening. - £300
  • SPRA: SPRA community building. - £300
  • Cheltenham District Scouts: District Scout HQ Paint Project. - £300
  • Cheltenham Connect: South Cheltenham Local Traders History Website. - £200
  • In Bloom for Warden Hill: Autumn/Spring Planting. - £300
  • In Bloom for Warden Hill: Community Christmas Celebration. - £150
  • Cheltenham Pensioners Forum: 17th anniversary buffet lunch and dance including commemoration of V-J Day. - £280

Total Communtiy Building Grants allocated in 2015-16 - £3,930