The Carbon Neutral Cheltenham report

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The Carbon Neutral Cheltenham report sets out a roadmap for eliminating Cheltenham borough’s carbon footprint and proposes a programme of activities and initiatives encompassing leadership, engagement, energy, transport and buildings to enable Cheltenham to achieve this goal. Initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • The Cheltenham Standard, a visionary statement for setting a benchmark for low-carbon living
  • Lead by Example, a programme of demonstration projects to help break down barriers to the adoption of zero carbon solutions
  • Climate Action Fund to help finance the road to zero carbon
  • Cheltenham Green Deal, broadening access to carbon reduction initiatives to communities that cannot currently afford the high up-front capital expenses
  • Community Engagement, building capacity for local people to be fully involved
  • Climate Champions, inspiring communities and enterprises to find new solutions
  • Smart Cheltenham, a vision for integrated living in West Cheltenham that promotes a low carbon lifestyle
  • Zero Carbon Hubs, decentralised futureproof centres promoting zero emission mobility
  • Return to Regency, a competition for developers to demonstrate leadership and innovation to build carbon positive communities