Allotment costs and charges

For Cheltenham Borough Council sites, the cost of an allotment is between £28.00 and £85 per year. It depends on the size of the plot. A few very large plots fall outside of this range.

When you are offered an allotment, you can ask about the annual cost. There is a 20% discount for tenants over the age of 60.

Some plots have sheds on them which have been installed by the council. These are rented to the tenant for between £10 and £11 per year.

We charge a £15 administration fee when you first take on your plot and a key deposit of £5 or £10 for some sites. Asquith Road site has an additional charge of £3.50 for gate and lock maintenance.

When you first take on a plot, you will be charged a pro rata amount for the rent which covers the period up to 31 December. After that, an annual bill is sent to you in the post in January. You can pay this using our online payment system, selecting 'Invoices Starting 1' and using the invoice number as the reference.