Allotments and coronavirus

The government has said that some people may tend their allotment as their daily exercise. Therefore Cheltenham Borough Council allotment sites are currently open.

However, please do not visit your allotment if you are unwell or displaying any of the symptoms associated with coronavirus.

Please follow all government requirements for shielding and self-isolation. If you have been advised to stay at home, please do so.

If you go to your allotment, keep at least 2 metres away from other people and please do not use public transport to get there.

You must use good hygiene around locks, gates, taps and any infrastructure that might be touched by more than one person, using gloves, sanitiser, clinical wipes and so on.

The water supply will be turned on in early April (there is still a risk of frost at the moment). This will enable more frequent hand washing but will also require that you take measures to sanitise your hands because many people will be using the same taps.

Do not visit the allotment site if you are concerned about the risk.

Please do everything you can to keep yourself and others safe.

An allotment is a piece of land you can rent to grow your own fruit and vegetables. You might want an allotment to:

  • put fresh, tasty produce on your plate
  • teach children about growing food
  • enjoy being out in the fresh air
  • get fit doing some digging
  • reduce food miles
  • grow organically

More information on allotments is available on the National Allotment Society website.

At a local level, you can to contact the Cheltenham and District Allotment Holders' Assocation.

Scarecrow wearing a straw hat, brown coat and beige knitted scarf in front of allotment plots and greenhouse.