Food and food premises complaints

Before making a complaint to the council, please look at our common incidents and suggested actions advice to see if the incident is covered. This guide will advise you on the best course of action for your incident.

You should contact the council to report one of the following issues:

  • poor food hygiene at a food establishment
  • a foreign object in your food (please see the food complaints advice).
  • cleanliness of food premises, facilities or staff
  • you believe food has made you ill

If you complaint is regarding one of the below, please contact Gloucestershire Trading Standards.

  • complaints about food quality, for example sour milk, over-ripe fruit and vegetables.
  • false descriptions and/or inappropriate labelling of food and drink.
  • food and drink that has been tampered with, for example added water or fat.
  • food that is beyond its 'best before' date.

How to report it

 or contact us.

What information will we require

  • where and when the food was bought, keep the receipt if possible
  • how the problem was discovered and who by
  • how the problem has affected you and if you suspect you have food poisoning whether it has been confirmed by a doctor
  • whether you would support us in taking legal action, such as providing a statement or evidence in court

What to do with the food

  • keep all food and packaging
  • keep the food in the original container, where possible
  • keep perishable foods in the fridge or freezer
  • leave any foreign object in the food, don't handle it

Once the investigating officer has collected the relevant information, the most appropriate action will be determined. The whole investigation process should take no more than one month. However, some investigations can be prolonged, especially if a food analysis has to be carried out, or information obtained from other persons or organisations, including food manufacturers and other Food Authorities.