Complaints about food or food premises

You should report any of the following:

  • Poor food hygiene at a food establishment
  • A foreign object in your food (such as mould, an insect or stone). Please see our food complaints advice
  • Concerns with the cleanliness of food premises, facilities or staff
  • If you believe you have food poisoning

You should contact Gloucestershire Trading Standards regarding:

  • Food quality, for example sour milk, over-ripe fruit and vegetables
  • False descriptions and/or inappropriate labelling of food and drink
  • Food and drink that has been tampered with, for example water or fat added
  • Food that is past its 'best before' date

What should I do with the food item?

  • Leave any foreign object in the food, don't handle it
  • Keep all food and packaging in the original container if possible and place in the fridge or freezer where appropriate
  • Take photographs of the food problem and send these to

What happens next

Once we have collected the relevant information we will decide how to act and advise you on what to do next. The whole investigation process should take no more than one month, unless analysis has to be carried out, or we need information from other persons or organizations, including food manufacturers and other food authorities.