The way allergens are labelled on prepacked foods has changed. The Food Information Regulation, which came into force in December 2014, means that food businesses must provide information about the allergenic ingredients used in any food they sell or provide. 

You can sign up for free allergen alerts from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) by either SMS or email. 

What the law says

The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC), enforced in the UK by the Food Information Regulations 2014 require that:

  • 14 specific allergens must be highlighted in the ingredients list of foods that are pre-packed
  • information on these 14 allergens must be given if they are included in the ingredients or processing aids of non-packaged (loose) foods

The FSA have produced a helpful guide regarding the 14 allergens and where they can be found.

Loose foods

Cafes, restaurants and businesses selling loose food can give this information to customers in writing on menus, verbally through explanations by staff or tell customers where or how more information can be found.

Guidance for businesses

The FSA provide guidance, training and resources for your business to help comply with the regulations.