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Cheltenham and Gloucester hospitals charity: Gloucestershire Diabetes Appeal - Focussing on juvenile diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes can have a major impact on young people’s lives; both physically and with an increased risk of depression and stress, and often feel singled out from their peers. An estimated 1 in 470 young people under the age of 19 will be diagnosed with diabetes.

Donations to our Diabetes Appeal fund a range of projects including counselling support tailored for young people with diabetes. Children under the age of 16 can receive specialist psychiatric support through the NHS, but without this support it can be particularly difficult for young people 16+.

Thanks to donations dedicated counselling support is now available to empower young people and improve their mental health and quality of life.  Other projects include hypo simulation equipment used for both health staff and in the community, educational resources, activity days and family sessions and staff training and development.

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