You need a licence if you want to keep an animal considered to be wild, dangerous or exotic. You must make sure the animal is kept in conditions which:

  • create no risk to the public
  • safeguard the welfare of the animals

Failure to have a licence means the animal will be removed from your premises.

We currently have no licensed dangerous wild animals in the borough.

Which animals need a licence?

Animals you need a licence for include:

  • wild cats
  • primates
  • wild dogs, eg wolves
  • certain pigs, such as wild boar
  • marsupials
  • crocodiles

You can find the full list in the legislation.

A dangerous wild animals licence does not apply to animals kept in a zoo or circus because such premises have their own specific legislation.

As soon as you think you may wish to own, or possess, an animal included in the dangerous wild animal list, call 01242 264135 or email the details to envhealth@cheltenham.gov.uk so your proposal can be discussed before any expense is incurred.

Make an application

Find details of the process, including fees.

Raise a concern

It can be useful to read the DEFRA code of practice on privately kept primates. This code of practice is a guide to the steps a keeper of primates must take to meet the needs of an animal as required by Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (the Act).

To raise a concern, call environmental health on 01242 264135 providing details of the premises and person involved. Please clearly state your concerns and reasoning.  All matters of concern will be investigated and your details will be kept confidential. 

For other animal welfare complaints see who is responsible in animal welfare.