Licensed home boarders and day care

Licence number
Total dogs permitted on premises 
Trading name Star rating
18/02943/AWREGS 4 dogs Bolts Buddies 5 Star
19/01892/AWREGS 6 dogs Bounding Hounds 5 Star
21/01441/AWREGS 8 dogs Bright Eyes Dog Care 5 Star
18/02711/AWREGS 3 dogs Cotswold Hound 2 Star
18/02744/AWREGS 8 dogs Doggylicious Cheltenham 5 Star
19/02884/AWREGS 6 dogs Find The Lead 5 Star
19/03127/AWREGS 4 dogs On Howliday Home Dog Boarding 5 Star
21/00126/AWREGS 8 dogs Odi's Oldies 5 Star
18/02771/AWREGS 3 dogs Petstay 2 Star
19/02894/AWREGS 9 dogs Picture Pawfect 5 Star
19/02768/AWREGS 4 dogs Pockett DogZ 5 Star
19/02308/AWREGS 5 dogs Prestbury Pups 5 Star
21/00889/AWREGS 20 dogs Shorty & Co 5 Star
19/02987/AWREGS 8 dogs Smudgers Mutts Ltd 5 Star
19/02943/AWREGS 6 dogs Sophie's Barking Buddies 5 Star
19/03064/AWREGS 31 dogs The Dog Day Care Club 5 Star
19/02721/AWREGS 4 dogs Watson Pet Care 5 Star
19/01812/AWREGS 8 dogs Who's Walking Me 5 Star
19/00216/AWREGS 6 dogs Wild About Pet Care 5 Star

Some operators have chosen not to have their details advertised on the website. If you would like to check the status of a business advertising home boarding or day care services (within the Cheltenham Borough area), or have any questions regarding a currently licensed premises, please email