Request a re-visit

If the star rating has been accepted and the necessary improvements made from the inspection report, you can request a re-inspection of the premises.  If you disagree with the rating, you should look at the appeals process.

Before you make a request

Look carefully at the comments made about non-compliances in the full report from your last inspection. You should ensure appropriate action has been taken to address any issues raised.

During a re-visit the standards will be reviewed in all areas of your business not just those previously commented on in the last inspection report. It is therefore important to know the licence requirements and maintain standards generally. Following a re-visit the star rating could go down as well as up. A reduced rating will not be reviewed before the next planned inspection unless another re-visit is requested.

How to make a request

You need to complete and return the request form,outlining the actions taken to improve the level of compliance or welfare since the last inspection. Any relevant supporting documentation to evidence any changes or actions should be included. Once submitted, it will be passed to the last inspecting officer to review and confirm if the form can be accepted.

If accepted, you will then need to pay the fee:

Request a re-visit - £70.02*

Pay online

If you cannot use the online system, you can call 01242 264300 and pay over the phone, quoting payment code 'GE' or pay by cheque to 'Cheltenham Borough Council' and send it to the above address with your licence number.

When does the re-visit happen?

The re-visit will take place within 3 months from receipt of a valid re-visit request being recieved. A valid re-visit request is: a completed re-visit request form, officer approval and payment.

Where an inspection does not occur within the three months, the business can raise the issue with the public and environmental health team leader as deputy for the director of environment. If the matter cannot be resolved, the business has recourse to the councils complaints procedure.

*Fees apply for the 2019/20 financial year and are subject to change each year.