Transferring your sex establishment licence

A sex establishment licence can be transferred at any time.

To transfer your licence you must:

  1. submit a completed application form to the licensing section at Cheltenham Borough Council
  2. pay the full transfer fee

During the consultation period, a public notice must be put on display outside the premises for a period of no less than 21 consecutive days (from the date of the application). The public notice must be prominently displayed on a part of the premises where it can easily be seen and read by persons in the street or any adjoining public place. Large premises or buildings which are set back from the main thoroughfare may require more than one notice at our discretion.  

In addition, a public notice must be published in the local newspaper no later than 7 days after the date of the application.  A copy of the notice, as was displayed in the newspaper, must be sent to the licensing section at the council. 

Your application will be determined by delegated authority if no valid objections are received.  If we do receive valid objections, your application will be referred to the licensing committee.