Public toilets proposal consultation

Stalls in a public toilet

Cheltenham Borough Council is reviewing the future of its public conveniences and ways in which the amenity can be improved. Although the Council has power (but not a duty) under section 87 of the Public Health Act 1936 (as amended) to provide public conveniences, it is not obliged to do so. However the Council believe that provision of the amenity is important to the town.

A report was recently submitted to the council's cabinet that identifies opportunities and recommendations for improvements to the future of public conveniences in the town centre. It discusses alternative partnership initiatives that will increase the choice of amenities available to the public. The cabinet has been asked to considering proposals to retain key facilities and seek a community partnership initiative with businesses and commercial premises to provide public access to additional facilities.

We would like to get some feedback on users’ needs and suggestions on what the council should consider as part of this review, in order to provide toilet facilities that are inclusive for members of our community.

Consultation runs from 6 to 26 September.

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