Online applications

Please read the information on this page before launching and attempting to complete either the new application or renewal form.

Currently, there is no option to save part completed forms. The form will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity; therefore you will need to be prepared to complete and submit the form in one session and without long pauses.

To avoid losing your progress, before opening and completing the form, make sure you:

1. Have all the necessary documents to hand in electronic format

Please ensure you have the following supporting documentation ready in electronic format to upload in the form as part of your application:

  • Floor plan showing the use of each room - such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom - and locations of smoke and heat detectors and fire door
  • Copy of the most recent Landlord's Gas Safety Record
  • Copy of the current Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Copy of a current Fire Detection and Alarm System Inspection and Servicing Report
  • Copy of Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection and Testing Certificate (where applicable)
  • Signed “Fit and Proper Persons” declarations for all relevant people. We have a Fit and Proper Persons declaration form for you to use
  • Sample copy of the written terms for tenants

Submitting all of the above documentation will ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can provide copies of this documentation to the housing standards officer at the property’s inspection. 

2. Notify the required people

You must let certain people know in writing that you are going to make an application or give them a copy of it after submission. There will be separate declarations in the application form for each person that you will need to complete to declare that you have notified them. Read more about who you need to notify.

3. Have a credit or debit card ready to pay the application fee

The final step of the application forms is to pay the licence application fee. Your application will only be submitted upon successful payment of the licence application fee, so please have a credit or debit card handy to pay the fee.

A step by step guide for completing the application form

Read our step by step guides to help you complete your online application:

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