Perennial planting on Montpellier Roundabout

Perennial plants on Montpellier roundabout

Montpellier roundabout is a part of the Habitat Cheltenham project, which aims to create a network of biodiversity improvements across Cheltenham's town centre with matched funding support from the European Regional Development Fund.

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This roundabout was repeatedly planted over the years with the annual planting, which was very intensive in labour and maintenance. The Habitat Cheltenham project went from strength to strength thanks to Ubico and the green space development team. This perennial scheme is going to be extremely cost effecting (reducing the maintenance visits, no more planting required, pruning once/twice a year, etc.) and it is going to have an amazing impact on our biodiversity in this part of the town. 

In order to make and measure these improvements, the project is focusing on providing for pollinators. Perennial species planted on 28 June 2021 provides pollen, nectar, seeds and nesting material for birds and butterflies. Naturally, the greatest advantage that perennials have is that they come back year-after-year and hugely enhance one of the most important roundabouts in Cheltenham.

Within the 15 different species planted there is a selection of helleniums, rudbeickias, geraniums and a few different types of low growing grasses.

Ubico workers planting perennial plants on Montpellier roundabout View of Montpellier roundabout with perennial plants

The circular space left without plants is dedicated for the Christmas tree returning on this spot every winter. We will be scattering some wildflower seeds every year, after the Christmas tree removal so the area is used to its maximum potential.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to get involved in our projects, please email [email protected].

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