Cheltenham has been described as "a town within a park". The beauty and picturesque sights of Cheltenham continue to attract visitors from countries all over the world. For many years people have enjoyed the beauty of Cheltenham's parks, open spaces and general greenery of the town.

Many of our parks have management plans which detail how we will maintain, manage and develop the parks and gardens.


Seasonal bedding

Seasonal bedding takes place across the numerous flower beds within our parks and gardens. Usually summer bedding takes place in May and June and spring bedding takes place in October. However, this is dependent on weather conditions. The council's nursery, Arle Nursery, produces bedding plants for Cheltenham Borough Council as well as other authorities. It also holds plants sales throughout the year to sell off surplus bedding plants. Income from external contracts and the plant sales go towards the nursery and the plants it produces for Cheltenham.