Cheltenham has been described as "a town within a park". The beauty and picturesque sights of Cheltenham continue to attract visitors from countries all over the world. For many years people have enjoyed the beauty of Cheltenham's parks, open spaces and general greenery of the town.

Many of our parks have management plans which detail how we will maintain, manage and develop the parks and gardens.

Knight, Kavanagh & Page was commissioned in 2016 to produce an open spaces study. View all the documents associated with the study.

Vendor opportunities in our parks and gardens

We have identified a number of small vendor opportunities within some of Cheltenham’s parks and green spaces, namely Hatherley Park, Sandford Park, Leckhampton Hill and Swindon Village Park.

Find out more about the vendor opportunities

Urban greening

Projects to improve urban green spaces and the town centre

Enforcement in parks and open spaces

Report dog issues, anti-social behaviour, graffiti, littering/fly-tipping, public space protection order breaches.

Metal detecting on council land

We do not permit metal detecting on publicly owned land except where a metal detecting survey is part of an approved archaeological investigation.

Find out more about metal detecting on council land

Seasonal bedding

Seasonal bedding takes place across the numerous flower beds within our parks and gardens.

Usually summer bedding takes place in May and June and spring bedding takes place in October. However, this is dependent on weather conditions.