Reporting on our housing services

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) regulates social landlords to make sure they’re providing good quality housing and that they’re efficient and well run.

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) are a new part of the RSH’s regulatory approach, aimed at making it easier for people to find out how good a landlord is and compare different housing providers.

As a landlord providing social housing across Cheltenham, we will need to report how we are doing to the RSH every year, starting with information covering the period April 2023 to March 2024. The management of our housing services is moving back to the responsibility of Cheltenham Borough Council, after a successful 20 year partnership with Cheltenham Borough Homes.

The information we’ll be collecting and reporting on

TSMs are made up of ‘tenant perception’ questions and ‘performance’ measures. The type of questions we’ll ask tenants will look at how satisfied they are with areas such as:

  • Time taken to complete repairs
  • Maintenance of homes
  • How safe they feel in their home
  • How we handle complaints
  • Our approach to handling anti-social behaviour

We’ll also review: 

  • complaints we’ve received
  • the time it takes to respond to complaints
  • anti-social cases we’re working on
  • homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard
  • repairs completed within target timescales
  • gas safety checks
  • fire safety checks
  • asbestos safety checks
  • water safety checks
  • lift safety checks

TSM reports