Published on 27th September 2012

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Residents in Cheltenham will now have better access to licensing applications on Cheltenham Borough Council’s website with a new option to comment online.

The updated public access system will allow members of the public to view details and documents for all licensing applications, it will have options to track applications to observe progress, and additionally submit comments about the applications online.

There are also options to search for applications or issued licences and an advanced search for specific criteria, for example, about a specific property.

To track license applications or submit comments the system will ask customers to fill in a simple registration form, so that they can sign back in at a later date.

Councillor Peter Jeffries, cabinet member for housing and safety, said “As a resident of Cheltenham, you have the right and opportunity to input and influence licensing decisions that could affect you and your local community. This new system provides even more opportunity for residents to have their say."

Louis Krog, licensing and business support team leader, said “The new system will ensure local licensing information is publicly available at all times with an easy option to electronically submit comments. It will also save time and money as there will be less administrative work for our officers.”

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