Published on 9th February 2024

Club chairman Liam Bond at the Priors Pavilion, new home to Montpellier FC
Club chairman Liam Bond at the Priors Pavilion, new home to Montpellier FC

Montpellier Football Club build on success as they take occupancy of council owned, Priors Pavilion.

Montpellier Football Club, that began during the pandemic, took residency at Priors Pavilion in Oakley, Cheltenham as their new home in June 2023.

Cheltenham Borough Council were approached by Montpellier Football Club as they were seeking a club ground for their new home. The council offered the well-known Priors Pavilion and Montpellier FC set about to address some of the cosmetic refurbishment. Members of the club skilled and equipped through their day-to-day professions tackled the repairs challenge.

Now with a first and second team, as well as a newly formed under 16’s team, Montpellier FC has hit the ground running.

Councillor Rowena Hay, leader at Cheltenham Borough Council said: “It is fantastic to see Montpellier Football Club building on their initial success by taking tenancy at Priors Pavilion and making it the club home ground.

“It is exciting to hear plans for the future of the club and pavilion, and for it to become established within the community.  We are delighted to see the building and grounds being used for its original purpose and intended use.

“Having a tenant that is willing to take forward the council’s ambitions for the pavilion is great for the community. With it being used to host coffee mornings and as a #WarmCheltenham warm space offering much needed warm provisions to those within the community in need.”

Liam Bond, Montpellier FC chairman, said: “Taking on tenancy of the pavilion has come a little earlier in our ambitions than we had anticipated, but it has meant that we can really settle ourselves within the community. Already, the club is home for us.

“We are grateful to Cheltenham Borough Council for seeing our vision as a club, and for giving us the opportunity to develop our presence both as a football club and as a hub for the community.”

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