Roads included in blue bag or label scheme and paper bag or cardboard label recycling scheme

The following roads are included in the blue bag or label scheme. Any businesses located on a road not listed below are required to purchase orange bags.

Albion Place

Albion Street

Albion Walk

Ambrose Place

Ambrose Street

Bath Road (Berkley St to Sandford St)

Bath Street       

Berkeley Street   

Cambray Place

Church Street

Clarence Parade

Clarence Street

County Court Road

Crescent Place

Crescent Terrace

Essex Place

Gloucester Place

Grosvenor Place

Grosvenor Street

Grosvenor Terrace

High Street

High Street Lower

High Street Upper

Imperial Circus

Imperial Lane

Jenner Gardens

Jenner Walk

Montpellier Arcade

Montpellier Avenue

Montpellier Street

Montpellier Walk

North Street

North Place (Fairview to Albion)

Ormond Place

Ormond Terrace

Portland Terrace (Fairview to Albion)

Pittville Street

Regent Street

Rodney Road


Rotunda Terrace

Royal Crescent

Royal Well

Royal Well Place

Royal Well Road

Sherbourne Place

St George's Place

St James Street

St John's Avenue

The Courtyard

The Promenade 

The Strand

Well Walk

Wellington Street

Witcombe Place

Winchcombe street
(Albion St to High St)