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Community Pride

Community Pride 2014


Community Pride is a pot of funding that Cheltenham Borough Council allocates to local community groups so that they deliver projects that will build up community pride and improve their neighbourhoods.

This year we have two pots of funding:

Up to £50,000 will be made available via community pride grants to match-fund community-led projects, up to the value of £5,000. We are particularly interested in projects that will build up community pride either through:

  • Community-led projects that will improve the physical environment of their neighbourhood;
  • Community-led projects that will bring communities together via cultural activities, festivals, commemorations and celebrations;
  • Community-led projects that will increase the recognition, economic viability and sustainability of local commercial areas.
  • Community-led projects that will make a positive difference to local residents, their health and wellbeing and the communities they live in

Up to £4,000 will also be made available via community-building grants to community and voluntary sector groups to run small-scale projects, events and activities to help them support the well-being of their neighbourhood up to the value of £300.

The closing date for applications to the community pride grant fund was 5.00pm Monday 23rd June 2014

The list of applicants to the main community pride fund are here


The application guidelines are here