Tendering for contracts

All goods and services used by the council are paid for with public money and so rules are in place to ensure a high level of transparency in all stages of the procurement process. These include European Procurement Directives, UK legislation, financial regulations of the council, contract rules and policy decisions of the council.


All contract opportunities over £10,000 will be advertised on the in-tend Publica Portal but may also be advertised in some or all of the following:

Prequalification questionnaires

For some contracts above EU Thresholds you may be requested to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which seeks information on your firm and your business practices. This will normally be through our in-tend Publica Portal.

Tender/quotation documents

Depending on the value of the contract suitably qualified suppliers will be sent a document pack for completion.

Each quotation/tender pack will contain various documents, not limited to:-

  • Instructions to tenderers - This provides guidance for completing the tender documentation
  • Invitation to tender - This document describes the service expectations of the Council
  • Pricing schedule - This is the pricing document where the supplier enters their price for performance of the contract.
  • Environmental statements - Information is requested from suppliers regarding their environmental policy
  • Freedom of information statements - information is requested from suppliers regarding compliance with FoI Act
  • Quality statements - Information is requested from suppliers regarding their quality policy
  • Draft terms and conditions - Defines how the council will let the contract, the rules the tenderer must comply with and the relationship between the council and the successful contractor
  • Form of tender  - the suppliers agreement to the terms and conditions of the tender.